Language Classes:

A. Turkish for Children: Children will learn basic reading, writing, and overall use of the Turkish language. Our goal with these classes is to help
children strengthen their Turkish language skills and help them connect with their Turkish family here in the U.S. as well as in Turkey.

B. Turkish for Adults: These classes will be ideal for significant others of Turks or someone who has a general interest in learning the language and gaining knowledge of Turkish culture.

C. English for Adults: The aim of these classes will be to help Turks living in the U.S. have a more complete knowledge of the English language. Therefore, allowing them to further themselves in their community.

Art & Cultural Programs:

A. Ebru Workshops: Learn the fascinating traditional Turkish art form known as Ebru (water marbeling). This unique art form is produced by sprinkling color pigments into a through of oily water, known as “size,” and utilizing special brushes to create various designs that are then transferred onto a sheet of paper or other surface.

B. Cultural Programs & Events: Enjoy charitable programs and events that will showcase the music and arts of Turkey and enable us to share our rich and diverse culture with everyone in our community.